Monday, May 7, 2012

4 Steps to get Customer Service to do what you want

By: Jared Plasky

Like any face to face service you’ve received, you always want to leave with a positive feeling after your purchase has been made. When shopping in your favorite stores, you can work with the customer service representative to achieve ultimate satisfaction for both parties involved. With that in mind, you can have the same experience while shopping for your favorite items online. Getting a customer service representative to comply with your every day needs is as easy as the following steps:

 1.      Make sure that you have a working knowledge of the item(s) you are looking to purchase. Having a basic knowledge of your item(s) will help so that you get exactly what you’re paying for with no excuses.

2.      Understand that customer service places the orders and takes care of any mistakes that the manufacturers or vendors may have made. They don’t in any way handle the product or deliver it. They also handle unsatisfied customers who may call up looking for answers.

3.      Have a common understanding of how the website works you are ordering from. This will ensure not only a speedy checkout time, but also will allow you to micromanage your order without having to wait on a representative for answers.

4.      Always remember to try and keep a positive attitude, and be courteous to the person helping you because ultimately we are the first line of defense.  We are the ones who advocate on your behalf to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. 

By utilizing these 4 steps you can ensure that the outcome is a very favorable one for you. Even if you can’t work in person with customer service representative, you can use the same approach for shopping online with the same success rate as well. 

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