Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shopping online vs. Going to the store

By: Jared Plasky

Shopping online can sometimes feel like you are completing a survey just to get that $2.00 item you need to hang that door. But what about when going to the store just isn’t your cup of tea? Who wants to have to set down that cup of coffee, get dressed, and go to the local hardware store to buy 3 screws to hang the door. Ever wonder when you save more time and money purchasing online instead of going local store? Here are a couple everyday tips when determining which buying method suits you.
The first tip that we recommend: determine how many items you will need. Remember that buying in bulk can save over buying a single item multiple times. A great benefit of buying in bulk is there’s sometimes price breaks. This generally appeals to those who are repeat customers or those who know they will need more than one item to get the job done.
Another tip to keep in mind: what is the cost of a single item? Purchasing one item may fit what you need. But keep in mind, there will be shipping costs. This may take the item out of a reasonable price range. In that case it would make more sense to go to the local store and purchase the item you need.
By implementing just a couple of these easy reminders in your buying process, you should see major differences in the way you purchase. In this economy, it will not only put a smile on your face, but keep more money in your pocket.  

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