Friday, July 26, 2013

Distracted Driving Danger

Each day in the United States, more than 9 people are killed and more than 1,060 people are injured in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver.   In 2011, 3,331 people were killed in crashes involving a distracted driver, compared to 3,267 in 2010. Even in 2013, there are many drivers that are unfocused behind the wheel due to easily avoidable distractions.  Behavioral driving is dangerous and occurs throughout the entire United States every day.

When you first think of distracted driving, mobile phones are most likely what comes to mind. Many of us have been told that texting and talking on the phone while driving are dangerous distractions and should be avoided at all costs. There are many other distractions while driving such as eating, drinking, reading a map, using a GPS, grooming yourself, changing the radio station and talking to another passenger.  These are all significant ways to distract someone behind the wheel.

While driving, there
are three main types of distractions. The first kind of distraction is a visual distraction or taking your eyes off the road. There are many things that may cause someone to look away while driving such as reading a map, glancing at your GPS, or searching through your phone. The second type of distraction is a manual distraction, which is physically removing your hands off the wheel. Many people may reach to change the radio station or try and grab a fallen item that dropped between the seats. These are two perfect examples of a manual distraction and should be excluded while driving. The third main distraction is a cognitive distraction. This may be as simple as talking on your cell phone rather than paying attention to the road or as pretentious as taking the risk driving under the influence of alcohol.

While any of these distractions can definitely endanger the driver along with passengers and pedestrians, texting while driving is especially dangerous due to the fact it is a combination of all three types of distractions. Did you know the minimal amount of time your attention is taken away from the road when you’re texting and driving is 5 seconds?  If you’re traveling at 55 mph, this equals driving the length of a football field without looking at the road. It’s safe to say that texting and driving is just waiting for an accident to happen.  We at TVISupply encourage you to drive safe and avoid all distractions while driving this summer.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Grad Party Season is here!

             One of the most exciting experiences for graduates is to host their graduation party or open house to celebrate their success and forward journey into adulthood.  While these shindigs can certainly be enjoyable, there are a few tips we would like to share in order to have a stress-free experience for graduates and guests alike. 

            Selecting a location is important as it determines what type of gathering you will have.  If you are expecting a smaller turnout, you may want to consider the party at a more intimate location, such as a backyard or home.  If you are planning for a larger party, you may have to consider a location with more space to accommodate everyone.

            Great and thoughtful decorations add flair to any graduation party.  It is important to have a theme; it can be something as simple and school specific such as school team colors. A table that is filled with awards or mementos from the past is great as it helps to add a personal touch. Streamers, tablecloths, and party hats in the graduate’s favorite color are also great ways to create a theme that is both simple and effective.

            If you are concerned that your house may not be picture perfect for a social gathering, focus on the following areas: the kitchen, entryway, guest bathroom as well as any other areas you think guests may be located.  It is a good opportunity to clean out your closets and organize any items that may be in disarray.

If you're having a party that is outdoors or otherwise weather dependent, make sure to have a backup plan. 

            Remember to not stress and to have fun!  Everyone is celebrating your grad's huge achievement, so relax, and don't forget to check our site for the items that will best assist you in making your graduation party a success! For those who like to do it themselves, we also have an assortment of products that will help construct a graduation party that will be memorable and engaging.

                We extend our congratulations and well-wishes on your future endeavors. Great job, grads!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Independence Day is almost here!

Thursday July 4th 2013 marks the 237th birthday of the United States.  Happy Birthday America!  Every Independence Day, Americans ring in the holiday with a celebration of fireworks, parades, and delicious food grilled in backyard barbeques surrounded by family and friends.

Here at TVI Supply we would like to share a few fun facts about Independence Day:

Did you know?

  • The Fourth of July was not declared a national holiday until 1941.
  • The only place the American Flag is never flown at half-mast is the moon.
  • Workers who make firecrackers have to be sure to wear clothes entirely made of cotton or the static electricity could potentially set off the fireworks.
  • On July 4th 1776 there were an estimated 2.5 million people living in the U.S. Our population has multiplied nearly 125 times over the course of 237 years!
  • Americans celebrate Independence on July 4th which was the day the Declaration was adopted; America actually gained its independence from Great Britain July 2nd, 1776.
  • The "Star Spangled Banner" was officially adopted as the national anthem in 1931 even though it had a long history of being played at military events.
  • The most popular holidays for barbecuing in the U.S. are, in order, July 4th, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

Check out our Independence Day sale occurring now through July 8th.  We have all kinds of products that will get you in the patriotic mood.  We feature grills, American flags and anything else that will assist you in the celebration of our great country’s birthday.  We wish you a safe and eventful holiday!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Father's day is June 16th!

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and we know you want to show Dad just how much he's appreciated with the perfect gift! To help you in your quest for the right one, we have compiled a list of wonderful gift ideas for Dad.

Here are the top five Father's Day gift ideas for this year:
  1. Power Tools
  2. Outdoor Recreational Goods
  3. Sporting Gear
  4. Automotive Accessories
  5. Home Maintenance Items

Where can you find the perfect gift for Dad? The best place you should look for any Father's Day gift is right here at We have great gifts ideas for under $25 that the Do-It-Yourself dad would enjoy, perfect for any home improvement project!

The innovative industrial designed Stanley Stud Finder Sensor 200 has a LCD screen with OnePass technology to increase the accuracy of locating studs and electrical wires. The Black & Decker Gecko Grip Accu-Mark Leveler has no slip feature that grips any surface to allow for one-handed use. Make Dad’s projects easier with the Apex Power Return Tape Measure. This tool has a new blade design and a soft touch lock button for better feel and control. The Stanley Quick Slide Utility Knife has an all metal construction for better durability which makes it great for any cutting task. Also, our DeWalt 37-Piece Screwdriver Bit Set contains a great assortment of different sized drill bits for Dad’s construction needs.

There is no better place to buy hardware accessories, lawn and garden supplies, painting materials, and Father's Day gifts than TVI Supply. Don’t forget, Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16th, so hurry and get Dad’s gift today, before time runs out!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

10 Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Squeaky-Clean Windows

Your melancholy winter outlook may have been the responsibility of what you were looking out of -- dirty windows. Winter storms can leave a nasty film on the glass; much like slushy, nasty roads can make your tires look gross.

First you will want to tackle your screens, in preparation for those perfect, sunny, breezy spring days that just call for you to open the windows. Take the screens off and take them outside for a tender bath with a hose. If they're especially dirty, you might want to clean them with some soap and water and a brush -- that long-standing; dirt look is exactly the kind of depressing winter sight we're trying to remove.
Tip: Start with the outside windows before the inside, or you won't be able to tell whether they're actually clean or not.

2. Get Those Leaves Out of the Gutter

Post-wintertime, there are a lot of things you know you're supposed to do but don't actually feel like doing. Cleaning your gutters is probably one of them, but believe us -- you don't want water damage to your house. And at least when you clean gutters in the spring, you have blue skies and white clouds as a backdrop.
Once you're on that ladder, you're going to need to get rid of all the leaves, twigs and other junk that's collected in your gutter. If you're doing this by hand instead of with some sort of scoop, we recommend gloves, this way you don’t cut yourself on exposed pointy metal or get dirtier than you have to.

3. Sort It Out-Uncluttering the Cluttered
For a lot of people, the garage is a big, cluttered storage closet -- you throw in all the unwanted stuff you can't find a home for, shut the door and hope for the best.

With your new, sunshine-induced lease on life, it's time to face the task and get it over with so that when you need that cooler in June, you won't be tripping on rakes and rummaging through bug-infested boxes.
Before you start organizing, you'll need to assign and arrange areas: Perhaps there's a hobby area in one corner and workshop equipment in another. Decide where these will go, then move on to figure out how to store everything.

After all, the biggest need for many people is storage space. Installing cabinets, shelves, racks and hooks may help create more storage. Use boxes, baskets and old storage containers for things such as paints, screws, nails, etc.

And when you find that weird key that doesn't fit any of your locks, old electrical wires or things you think you want to keep "just in case", you should find a junk box for those too.

4. Identify Your Weak Areas

During the winter, you're mostly worried about the inside of your home. But now that your family and the pets are all spending more time outside, it's time to take a look at possibly upgrading your fences.
Rot is the primary thing to look for in a wooden fence, along with loose rails and any kind of wobbly parts. If it's been a while since the wood’s been treated, it's might be a good idea to check to see if bugs have chewed their way around, too.

With a metal fence, you'll want to make sure there aren't any holes or places where it's pulling away from the ground. Make sure you are digging deep enough into the ground to prevent this occurrence.

5. De-leaf and De-clutter the Yard
Your yard has spent the winter feeling battered and neglected-- and possibly suffocating under a layer of snow. Prepare for a lush lawn and a flourishing garden by getting rid of soggy, old leaves blocking your flowerbeds and grass.

Want to avoid spending the day after your leaf-raking spectacular with a sore back? Switch sides while you're raking (we can all be somewhat ambidextrous for a day) and don't twist your torso so much. If you're tossing leaves over your shoulder, you need to quit that, too -- your body doesn't use those motions on a daily basis, so avoid the icepacks and ibuprofen tomorrow by working smarter not harder.

6. Roll It On
For many of us, spring calls for a new wardrobe. For your house, that might mean a new coat of paint.

Weather can really take a toll on your paint job. If your formerly immaculate shutters are looking a few shades duller or more faded-out than before, it might be time for a touch-up. Same goes for the garage door and your front door -- what's more welcoming than a well-taken-care-of front when you pull in the driveway from a long day at work?

7. Wash the Winter Blues Away

After a hard winter, your home sweet home may be in need of more of a scrub than rain can truly provide. Spring might be a good time to look into pulling out that pressure washer to wipe away all the dirt and grime. Certain kinds of siding can't take the pressure, as this may cause peeling paint, so make sure you've got the right type and you can rock and roll. A pressure washer can also come in handy for greasy driveways and wooden decks -- just check to see that you've got the right amount of pressure for each job.

Tip: Don't own a pressure washer? Check your local hardware store to see if you can rent one. Not only will you get the benefit of a good wash, but the right advice as to how and use it.

8. Separate the Weeds from the Blooms

After you've spent a whole day sorting screws in your garage, you might want to pull your hair out. Exert that energy in a more productive way instead. Start with yanking up weeds. There's something very satisfying about tearing up pesky weeds before they return to terrorize your lawn and garden.
Haven't satisfied your need for yard carnage? Pull out a sharp blade and prune your overgrown shrubs. Snipping off the dead bits makes way for new ones to grow. Some people wait until after the flowering shrubs have bloomed to do the pruning, but that may not be strongest for the shrub (even if the flowers seem easy on the eyes).

9. Getting Down to the Essentials
It's not really summer until someone starts barbecuing. That's why spring is the perfect time to get your poor, neglected patio or deck in tiptop shape. Remove the dirt and cobwebs with a broom first. If you have plastic furniture, bust out the hose and wash it down. No one wants to sit down on dirty cushions, so do some deep cleaning and then invest in vinyl protectant to keep them looking fresh.

Re-introduce the grill in your life. You're going to need a good degreaser, a wire brush and a healthy lack of respect for greasy, charcoal-y accumulation.

10. Rinse and Re-staining

Everybody likes fungus on the deck! Oh wait, just kidding no one likes that -- or mildew, dirt or weather-beaten areas for that matter. It's tempting to just bleach the whole thing, but don't give in.

Pressure wash the deck and -- this is easy enough -- use an actual deck-cleaner solution. When you're done with all the washing, it's time to re-stain. There are finishes and colors a-plenty, so you’ll be able to find whatever it is you desire.

Tip: Look for something with a protective finish to repel water and UV rays.

Check out TVI Supply's selection of Lawn & Garden supplies for any spring cleaning equipment you might need. As always, you can also check our website for any of your hardware, MRO, and janitorial needs.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

20 Tips to Keep Safe this Holiday Season

By Jared Plasky

Fake versus Real Christmas Trees
  • When using a real tree make sure the needles are fresh and attached to the tree. Lose needles can hurt small children and animals.
  • Make sure your tree is properly watered; a dry tree can be a fire hazard.
  • For an artificial tree, make sure it’s fire resistant.
  • Keep any tree away from heat sources or open flames.

Lights and Plugs for Indoors and Outdoors
  • Use extension cords when necessary, don’t try and stretch lights.
  • Make sure all lights and outlets are safety tested and approved by plugging and unplugging to test.
  • Do not bind more than three strands of cords together at once; it can be a tripping hazard.
  • Make sure all cords aren't frayed and all bulbs are attached to designated spots, this can be an extreme hazard.
  • Never leave your lights on while you’re asleep or out for long periods of time.
Fireplaces and Candles
  • Make sure your fireplace is cleaned out. A fire cleaning brick is best for ensuring safety.
  • Keep any stockings, hanging decorations or garland above fireplace, and out of the way of sparks.
  • Make sure you have working fire alarms and extinguishers.
  • Make sure all candle wicks are cared for properly, i.e. (trimming them).

Ornaments & Small Decorations
  • Make sure no decorations have fallen off the tree as they can be a tripping hazard.
  • Keep easy to swallow and breakable ornaments out of the grasp of children or animals.
  • Older ornaments run the risk of having old lead based paint, it might be best to replace these with new ornaments.

Outdoor Decorations
  • Make sure to use a safe ladder while decorating your roof.
  • Be careful while walking on the roof. Hazards come in many forms such as loose roofing or ice.
  • Do not staple or nail through any wires.
  • Make sure the lights you are using are specifically made for the outdoors.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Super Storm Sandy: What We Can Do As Americans To Help

By: Jared Plasky

The East Coast was hit by a devastating super storm which caused many to lose homes, be without power and some even lost their lives. In times of tragedy we must join together as one and help those in need. Many organizations have banded together to provide things such as food and water, shelter and a shoulder to lean on during this tough time.
The best thing we can do as citizens is supply those affected with the necessities they need to get back on their feet, which can include canned goods for most or for those with younger children, diapers and formula.  Water pumps and generators can really aide those who are trying to eradicate water or power their homes. TVI Supply knows that the carnage Hurricane Sandy left is going to take a lot of cleanup, which is why we are donating cleaning gloves to the cause. We hope that everyone will do their part to aide the East Coast in their recovery. Our generators, pumps and heaters are being sold at cost to those affected by the storm.
If you would like to donate you can reach your local American Red Cross by dialing the Toll Free number, 800-733-2767 to get information about the closest donation center. You can also purchase items you want shipped over for donation from to the East Coast area or by contacting us at 586-563-1310 or 586-563-1320. Our many distribution centers are able to get victims the supplies in a timely manner. TVI Supply continues to keep all affected by Sandy in our prayers.