Friday, July 12, 2013

Grad Party Season is here!

             One of the most exciting experiences for graduates is to host their graduation party or open house to celebrate their success and forward journey into adulthood.  While these shindigs can certainly be enjoyable, there are a few tips we would like to share in order to have a stress-free experience for graduates and guests alike. 

            Selecting a location is important as it determines what type of gathering you will have.  If you are expecting a smaller turnout, you may want to consider the party at a more intimate location, such as a backyard or home.  If you are planning for a larger party, you may have to consider a location with more space to accommodate everyone.

            Great and thoughtful decorations add flair to any graduation party.  It is important to have a theme; it can be something as simple and school specific such as school team colors. A table that is filled with awards or mementos from the past is great as it helps to add a personal touch. Streamers, tablecloths, and party hats in the graduate’s favorite color are also great ways to create a theme that is both simple and effective.

            If you are concerned that your house may not be picture perfect for a social gathering, focus on the following areas: the kitchen, entryway, guest bathroom as well as any other areas you think guests may be located.  It is a good opportunity to clean out your closets and organize any items that may be in disarray.

If you're having a party that is outdoors or otherwise weather dependent, make sure to have a backup plan. 

            Remember to not stress and to have fun!  Everyone is celebrating your grad's huge achievement, so relax, and don't forget to check our site for the items that will best assist you in making your graduation party a success! For those who like to do it themselves, we also have an assortment of products that will help construct a graduation party that will be memorable and engaging.

                We extend our congratulations and well-wishes on your future endeavors. Great job, grads!

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  1. Yes! Graduation party season is for a month or one and a half monthly nearly on completion of sessions. Ours was last year and luncheon treat was arranged at one of the superior San Francisco venues by my friend. It was a contribution party with amazing cake and desserts. Drinks were ordered from reputed store and also everyone was given cute gifts for memories.