Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Super Storm Sandy: What We Can Do As Americans To Help

By: Jared Plasky

The East Coast was hit by a devastating super storm which caused many to lose homes, be without power and some even lost their lives. In times of tragedy we must join together as one and help those in need. Many organizations have banded together to provide things such as food and water, shelter and a shoulder to lean on during this tough time.
The best thing we can do as citizens is supply those affected with the necessities they need to get back on their feet, which can include canned goods for most or for those with younger children, diapers and formula.  Water pumps and generators can really aide those who are trying to eradicate water or power their homes. TVI Supply knows that the carnage Hurricane Sandy left is going to take a lot of cleanup, which is why we are donating cleaning gloves to the cause. We hope that everyone will do their part to aide the East Coast in their recovery. Our generators, pumps and heaters are being sold at cost to those affected by the storm.
If you would like to donate you can reach your local American Red Cross by dialing the Toll Free number, 800-733-2767 to get information about the closest donation center. You can also purchase items you want shipped over for donation from to the East Coast area or by contacting us at 586-563-1310 or 586-563-1320. Our many distribution centers are able to get victims the supplies in a timely manner. TVI Supply continues to keep all affected by Sandy in our prayers.

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